Art Journaling allows you to express your thoughts in a creative way. It’s a space where you can let loose and explore with colors, shapes, lines, new techniques and writing all at once. Some journals are more free-form and expressive, others are more of a “finished” art product. What is one thing you need to know about art journaling? You need to know there are NO RULES!  It’s for ALL levels.

Supply list: Art Journal with Mixed Media Paper (such as Strathmore Mixed Media Pad), a variety of acrylic paint colors, brushes, pencils or pens or colored writing items. A variety of papers and magazines will be supplied, but you can bring your own special items you want to incorporate them into your journal.

Cappie Geis: Cappie is inspired by life. Her art may begin with just “putting paint on the canvas” or an inspiration from a trip or an Art Show or a walk around her neighborhood. “Animals and figures are 2 of my favorite subjects. I love the abstract techniques and will always start a new piece with an interesting background. I love mixed media and will include vintage sheet music or tissue or napkins I have saved from an event or bought because of the graphics.”