There are many health benefits awaiting those who practice Middle Eastern dance. This form of dance is a low-impact, weight-bearing form of exercise for all ages and levels of fitness.  It won’t jolt or jar your body. The graceful hip drops, rolls, and pivots of this dance form utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, spine, and more – working with the body instead of against it.

Natalia is an accomplished choreographer, professional dancer, and fitness instructor originally from Ukraine. She has multiple degrees from Universities in Ukraine and Russia as a Ballet Master and Choreographer. For ten years, her career as a professional dancer allowed her to highlight her talent around the world in places such as Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and Japan. After the birth of her daughter in 2007 Natalia focused her career more on choreography and fitness. She choreographed the award winning show group Molodost as well as shows for Louis Cruise line based out of Greece. She began incorporating her passion for fitness into her career in Ukraine teaching Body Ballet, Pilates, and Dance Fitness. Natalia came to visit her sister in San Diego and fell in love with America’s Finest City. She moved from Ukraine with her daughter in 2013 and remains excited to share her enthusiasm for fitness and dance in the San Diego area.