When incapacity or death strikes it’s too late for your kids / heirs to ask questions. It’s also too late to see if there are errors or gaps in your planning.  In this class I will be guiding you through the process for setting up a 1-page instruction sheet for your heirs.  You will also be creating a binder that contains the essential items your heirs will need.  As you are guided through the worksheet, we will be talking about the tax and financial repercussions that your heirs will be dealing with. I am particularly passionate about this exercise after my own father passed way.   He had a tax practice, my brother is a CPA, I am a CFP, and the trust planning was in place. And yet, there were a few areas that we overlooked and that sent us to probate and triggered unnecessary taxes.  I want to help you avoid this and that’s why I created this process.  This will be a hands-on working and learning environment. Please register early so materials can be sent to you beforehand. You will need to either print them out or ask for a mailed copy.

Barbara Norman, CFP®, ChFC® CDFA® is the CEO of Sage Path Solutions,  the Founder of The Women’s Financial Academy – a CA non-profit organization dedicated to education, and a member of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor program.    Barbara has a tax background and has served in the financial services industry since 1986.