Are you in a place of uncertainty, fear, and discomfort about your present work? Have you been contemplating creating your own business from home? Have you been in a leadership position and now unclear and doubtful how to be your own best leader? Do you want support and guidance on how to transition from your job and start your own business?

Many people are in a career transition after 50 years of age. Perhaps they realize that they are not happy in their work, do not like the kind of work they do or do not find fulfillment in the work they engage in. They are in a place that they are seeking a new expression through their work, however, are confused, a bit scared about making a move because they are unclear how to get started towards a new career change.

If so, I have a class for you in looking at

  1. Your mindset that will pull you forward
  2. Identifying your gifts and talents that will build your confidence and determination to get started on a new career path
  3. Recognizing your credibility and new possibilities for you
  4. Ways to make the impossible dream possible and transform your vision into a prosperous activity