Ride the rails through Southern California’s Heritage Valley on this virtual train excursion from Fillmore to Santa Paula.

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Ventura County is a refurbished railway linking the sleepy towns of Fillmore and Santa Paula. Join Tour Guide Donna D’Alia and step aboard a vintage train for a fascinating excursion between these two communities. Once the whistle blows and the train departs Fillmore, you’ll see pristine century-old citrus and avocado groves; learn about one of our country’s most endangered species; see the aftermath of America’s worst-ever civil engineering disaster; listen to the tales from movies filmed with Fillmore & Western trains, and try your luck at some “Great Lines from Great Movies” trivia questions. You’ll disembark in Santa Paula for a stroll through the quiet streets of this quaint town, home to the California Oil Museum, the Ventura County Agriculture Museum, and brilliant multicultural murals depicting the town’s colorful history. Do you know which celebrity chose to live out his days in Santa Paula? What is the most haunted place in Ventura County? How does one stop a 5300-pound spinning granite ball with the touch of a hand? Learn the answers and discover much more on this riveting virtual railroad journey. All Aboard!