Join us and experience the calming nature of Oriental brush art. Using Chinese ink and watercolor, you will learn the dancing brush techniques, step-by-step, to create beautiful artwork. You’re welcome to simply watch and relax or paint along with the lesson. For those painting along, you’ll need to have a midsize Chinese art brush, Asian ink and rice paper if possible, and any watercolor paintings. Learn, relax and have a great time.


Material List:

Rice paper, (may add other papers to try)

Asian brush (2 wolf hairbrushes in bamboo stick)

Watercolor paints (Primary colors in warm/cool or an inexpensive set is OK to start.

Water bowl & small water spray bottle

Ink maker tray and ink, or an inkbottle OK if you have

Small sponge

Paper towel (a few pieces each day)

Small flat rocks and 12” ruler to flat the paper

White cotton sheet/fleece piece (about 12×16”)

Plastic teaspoon


* Optional

Pencil and eraser

Color Wheel

Newsprint papers or newspaper to practice

Apron or old shirt to protect

Notebook and pen