The Thanksgiving holiday is an ideal time to reflect on the meaning and power of gratitude. A traditional harvest festival, Thanksgiving gives us a communal opportunity to consciously shift out of our normal worried mind stuck, as it usually is, on how there’s never enough – never enough money, never enough time, never enough love – and move instead into the awareness that we have everything we need. “Gratitude,” wrote the Roman philosopher Seneca “is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” Developing the consciousness of gratitude opens the door to the cultivation of all of the virtues – compassion, kindness, courage, serenity, and satisfaction. Is gratitude an endpoint, a state only realized after I get everything I want, or is it a decision I make in the here and now regardless of outer conditions? Join us as we explore this and other questions surrounding the transformative power of the consciousness of gratitude.