Christians all around the world celebrate the birth of Christ in myriad ways. Here in the United States Christmas has snowballed into something so massive, so powerful, that its gravitational pull draws together elements from disparate cultures and traditions all over the world. Christians celebrate the birth of a 1st century Israeli Jew with Roman rituals, Germanic symbols, Norse mythology, Dutch folk tales, British customs, American pop culture and, by now, just about everything but the kitchen sink. Join us as we explore the many tendrils and roots of this beautiful holiday and tease out the underlying mythological significance and spiritual meaning of  these familiar images, icons, and songs. Did early Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus? What sort of gift-giving god is Santa Claus? Why cut down a tree, drag it in the house, and cover it with lights? Caroling door to door? Reindeer? Mistletoe? Getting drunk at the company Christmas party? Ugly sweaters? Turns out all of these customs have ancient roots. Is Christmas even a “Christian” holiday? It seems simple enough, but nothing this good is ever simple.