Julie Kohner is the daughter of Walter and Hanna Kohner both born in Teplitz Schonau, Czechoslovakia. Her mother survived four concentration camps during the Holocaust.  They reunited after the war, married and moved to California.  Together, they wrote their story in Hanna and Walter, A Love Story. Using the book, artifacts and episode of This Is Your Life (in which Hanna Kohner was the first Holocaust survivor to share her story on national television), this presentation brings to life the story of Voices of the Generations.


Julie Kohner is the founder and CEO of Voices of the Generations, Inc.  She is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and a trained educator. She has been a teacher in public, private, and Jewish religious schools in Los Angeles for 30 years.  Julie has a BA in Psychology, an MA in Educational Counseling, and a Pupil Personnel Credential.  In 1990, after the passing of her mother, she became compelled to share her mother’s Holocaust story with others in the hope that many could learn from this story of love overcoming hardship, racism, depravation, and the pain of war.  Her story of growing up as the child of a Holocaust survivor has motivated other children of survivors to share their stories too.  Her programs move and inspire people of all ages, but especially young adults to look at adversity and the world around them in ways that are new.